All the  crime, detective and murder books featured so far, in alphabetical order by author

Note also the following special entries:

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-- re-blogged here

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Crime in Costume: Harlequins and Columbines

Author Interview: Christine Poulson

History and Mystery: 1950s books, old and new

History and Mystery: Inaccuracies in Crime Books

History and Mystery: 1950s again 

Verdict of Us All: Best Christmas Mysteries

Verdict of Us All: Who Wrote only one good Book?

GA Tropes in German Literature: Marquis of O by Kleist

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Ripley, Mike Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  -  British Thrillers

Jackson, Kate  Vintage Mystery Subscription Box

Tuesday Night Bloggers: The Great Detectives

Evans, Curtis - editor   Murder in the Closet (with contribution from Clothes in Books)

+ Trip to New York awards ceremony  as the book was nominated for an Edgar

+ Mysterious Bookshop in New York

Walton, Samantha Guilty but Insane

Bodies From The Library Conference: June 2018

Best Shipboard Books (mostly crime...)

Best Books for Convalescents (many crime books...)

Jackson, Kate The Pocket Detective

The Shedunnit podcast on GA crime - episode on queer clues

Noah Stewart, an obituary

Reprint of the Year  Award


Aaronovitch, Ben Rivers of London

Abbott, Megan You Will Know Me

Adler-Olsen, Jussi   Mercy

Aird, Catherine  The Religious Body The Religious Body 2

Aird, Catherine The Complete Steel/The Stately Home Murder

Aird, Catherine His Burial Too

Aird, Catherine Slight Mourning

Alarcon, Daniel  At Night We Walk in Circles

Allan, Mabel Esther  Death Goes Dancing

Allingham, Margery TheTiger in the Smoke
The Tiger in the Smoke 2

Allingham, Margery  The Beckoning Lady The Beckoning Lady 2 (challenge results) 

Allingham, Margery  Death of a Ghost

Allingham, Margery The Fashion in Shrouds The Fashion in Shrouds 2

Allingham, Margery  No Love Lost

Allingham, Margery Flowers for the Judge

Allingham, Margery The Snapdragon and the CID

Allingham, Margery Sweet Danger

**See also Mike Ripley's Mr Campion's Farewell **

Ambler, Eric Epitaph for a Spy

Ames, Delano Murder Maestro Please

Ames, Delano  Murder Begins at Home

Ames, Delano Corpse Diplomatique

Ames, Delano She Shall Have Murder

Amis, Kingsley  The James Bond Dossier

Amis, Kingsley The Riverside Villas Murder

de Angelis, Augusto  The Mystery of the Three Orchids

Anthony, Michael David The Becket Factor

Anthony, Michael David  Midnight Come  Midnight Come 2

Arlen, Michael Hell! Said the Duchess

Armstrong, Charlotte A Little Less Than Kind

Armstrong, Charlotte The Dream Walker

Armstrong, Charlotte The Case of the Weird Sisters

Armstrong, Charlotte The Unsuspected

Asimov, Isaac Season's Greetings, from Black Widowers stories

Atkinson, Alex Exit Charlie

Atkinson, Kate Transcription

Atkinson, Kate Started Early Took My Dog

Atkinson, Kate Big Sky

Balchin, Nigel The Small Back Room

Ballinger, Bill S Portrait in Smoke

Banville, John The Secret Guests

    (as BW Black) 

Bannister, Jo Deadly Virtues

Barnard, Robert  Death of an Old Goat

****(see also this entry)

Barnard, Robert  A Scandal in Belgravia

Barnard, Robert The Skeleton in the Grass

Barton, Fiona The Widow

Baum, Vicki Mortgage on Life

Bawden, Nina The Odd Flamingo

Bax, Roger Blueprint for Murder
(see also Andrew Garve)

Beeding, Francis The Norwich Victims

Beeding, Francis  Death Walks in Eastrepps Death Walks in Eastrepps 2

Bell, Josephine The Summer School Mystery

Bell, Josephine
A Question of Inheritance

Bell, Josephine Death at Half Term

Bell, Josephine   Death in Clairvoyance

Berkeley, Anthony The Wychford Poisoning Case

Berkeley, Anthony Murder in the Basement

Berney, Lou  The Long and Faraway Gone The Long and Faraway Gone 2

Biggers, Earl Derr   The Agony Column

Bingham, John My Name is Michael Sibley

Bingham, Charlotte MI5 and Me

Black, BW The Secret Guests (see also John Banville)

Blake, Nicholas There's Trouble Brewing There's Trouble Brewing 2

Blake, Nicholas End of Chapter

Blake, Nicholas  The Morning After Death

Blake, Nicholas Thou Shell of Death

Blake, Nicholas The Widow's Cruise

Blake, Nicholas A Question of Proof

Blake, Nicholas  Entry on Nigel Strangeways

Block, Lawrence Out on The Cutting Edge

Block, Lawrence Hitman

Block, Lawrence Keller's Fedora

Bonett, John & Emery A Banner for Pegasus

Bourland, Barbara I'll Eat When I'm Dead

Bourland, Barbara Fake Like Me

Boutell, Anita Death Has a Past 

Boutell, Anita Tell Death to Wait

Bowen, Gail The Last Good Day

Bowers, Dorothy Postscript to Poison

Bowers, Dorothy Shadows Before

Bowers, Dorothy Fear For Miss Betony

Bowers, Dorothy The Bells at Old Bailey

Bowers, Dorothy Biographical talk

Bowers, Dorothy Shedunnit podcast  

Boyd, William  Restless

Braithwaite, Oyinkan My Sister the Serial Killer

Branch, Pamela  The Wooden Overcoat The Wooden Overcoat 2

Brand, Christianna
London Particular

Brand, Christianna Green for Danger

Brand, Christianna Death in High Heels

Brand, Christianna  The Rose in Darkness

Brand, Christianna Suddenly at His Residence (aka The Crooked Wreath)

Brand, Christianna Tour de Force

Brand, Christianna Death of Jezebel Death of Jezebel 2 + How we love a pageant in books

Brand, Christianna Off With His Head

Brett, Simon  Dead Side of the Mike

Browne, Douglas G  Too Many Cousins

Bruce, Alison The Siren

Bruce, Leo Dead Man's Shoes

Burgess, Trevor The Mystery of the Missing Book

Burke, Alafair  The Ex

Bush, Christopher The Case of the Tudor Queen

Bush, Christopher Dancing Death

Bush, Christopher The Case of the April Fools

Bussi, Michel After the Crash

Butterworth, Michael Flowers for a Dead Witch

Butterworth, Michael  The Black Look

Cain, James M Serenade

Cain, James M Career in C Major

Camilleri, Andrea  The Treasure Hunt

Campion, Peter Model for Murder

Canning, Victor The Mask of Memory

Canning, Victor  The Rainbird Pattern

Canning, Victor Birdcage

Canning, Victor The Whip Hand

Canning, Victor  The Doomsday Carrier

Cannon, Joanna The Trouble with Goats and Sheep

Carey, Bernice  The Three Widows

Carey, Bernice The Man Who Got Away With It

Carr, John Dickson And So to Murder

Carr, John Dickson He Wouldn't Kill Patience

Carr, John Dickson  He Who Whispers

Carr, John Dickson  The Reader is Warned

Carr, John Dickson The Witch of the Low Tide

Carr, John Dickson Night at the Mocking Widow

Carr, John Dickson Dead Man's Knock

Carr, John Dickson The Judas Window

Carr, John Dickson  She Died A Lady

Carr, John Dickson The Mad Hatter Mystery

Carr, John Dickson  The Waxworks Murder (TNC Week 1) 

Carr, John Dickson The Case of the Constant Suicides (TNC Week 2) 

Carr, John Dickson  Till Death us Do Part, + list (TNC Week 3) 

Carr John Dickson Short Stories and Fashion (TNC Week 4) 

Carr, John Dickson The Emperor's Snuff Box (TNC week 5)

Carr, John Dickson Poison in Jest

Carr, John Dickson Black Spectacles/Problem of the Green Capsule

Carr, John Dickson  The Seat of the Scornful

Carr, John Dickson  Blind Man's Hood

Carr, John Dickson  Hag's Nook

Carr, John Dickson The Problem of the Wire Cage

Carr, John Dickson Murder in the Atlantic

Carr, John Dickson The House at Satan's Elbow

Carr, John Dickson The Sleeping Sphinx The Sleeping Sphinx 2

Carr, John Dickson It Walks by Night

Carr, John Dickson The Four False Weapons

Carr, John Dickson The Clue of the Red Wig

Carr, John Dickson  To Wake the Dead

Carr, John Dickson Seeing is Believing (Cross of Murder)

Carr, John Dickson The Gilded Man

Carr, John Dickson The Nine Wrong Answers

Cash, Wiley  This Dark Road to Mercy

Casson, Stanley Murder by Burial

Caudwell, Sarah  Thus Was Adonis Murdered

Caudwell, Sarah The Sirens Sang of Murder

Caudwell, Sarah  The Sibyl in Her Grave 

Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep The Big Sleep 2

Chandler, Raymond  Farewell, My Lovely

Chaplin, Elizabeth  Hostage to Fortune

[see also Jill McGown]

Charles, Kate False Tongues

Chesterton, GK The Wisdom of Fr Brown

Chesterton, GK  The Innocence of Fr Brown

Child, Lee The Visitor

Christie, Agatha   Christie on the Wrong Kind of Love

Christie, Agatha  Christie's Women and Love 

Christie, Agatha List of Top Five Favourite Books + Follow Up Post

Christie, Agatha  A List of Highs and Lows (Tuesday night 1)

Christie, Agatha A List of Christie Tropes (Tuesday night 3)

Christie, Agatha Clothes in Christie (Tuesday night 4)

Christie, Agatha entry on Miss Marple vs Miss Silver

Christie, Agatha The Body in the Library  + radio show discussion

Christie, Agatha  A Caribbean Mystery (repeated here)

Christie, Agatha  And then there were none… And then there were none...2

Christie, Agatha  ThePale Horse

Christie, Agatha  Mrs McGinty’s Dead + Mrs McGinty's Dead, Spoiler Warning Podcast

Christie, Agatha Halloween Party

Christie, Agatha Hercule Poirot's Christmas

Christie, Agatha Death on the Nile

Christie, Agatha  The Sittaford Mystery

Christie, Agatha  N or M?  N or M?

Christie, Agatha  Sad Cypress

Christie, Agatha  Five Little Pigs  Five Little Pigs 2 + podcast

Christie, Agatha  Dead Man's Folly

Christie, Agatha  The Labours of Hercules  The Labours of Hercules 2

Christie, Agatha Curtain: Poirot's Last Case

Christie, Agatha   Crooked House

Christie, Agatha  Sparkling Cyanide

Christie, Agatha The Secret of Chimneys

Christie, Agatha The Moving Finger

Christie, Agatha The Mystery of the Blue Train Mystery of the Blue Train 2

Christie, Agatha Murder is Easy  Murder is Easy 2

Christie, Agatha  The Secret Adversary

Christie, Agatha By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Christie, Agatha  Death in the Clouds

Christie, Agatha Taken at the Flood

Christie, Agatha  The Hollow

Christie, Agatha  Murder at the Vicarage Murder at the Vicarage 2  Murder at the Vicarage 3 + podcast

Christie, Agatha The Man In The Brown Suit (and see also Anne Beddingfeld entryThe Man in the Brown Suit 3

Christie, Agatha  Death Comes as the End

Christie, Agatha A Murder is Announced A Murder is Announced podcast

Christie, Agatha Cat Among the Pigeons

Christie, Agatha Dumb WitnessDumb Witness 2

Christie, Agatha  The Seven Dials Mystery

Christie, Agatha Appointment with 
Death Appointment with Death 2

Christie, Agatha They Came to Baghdad

Christie, Agatha  Murder in Mesopotamia

Christie, Agatha The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

Christie, Agatha Nemesis

Christie, Agatha Sleeping Murder

Christie, Agatha  The Mysterious Affair at Styles  + podcast on The Mysterious Affair at Styles 

Christie, Agatha The Murder of Roger Ackroyd The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 2 + Podcast

Christie, Agatha The Murder on the Links

Christie, Agatha Evil Under the Sun

Christie, Agatha Murder In the Mews

Christie, Agatha After the Funeral + podcast

Christie, Agatha  Towards Zero    + podcast

Christie, Agatha A Pocket Full of Rye

Christie, Agatha Peril at End House

Christie, Agatha Third Girl

Christie Agatha Hickory Dickory Dock

Christie, Agatha Endless Night

Christie, Agatha Three Act Tragedy

Christie, Agatha The Big Four

Christie, Agatha Lord Edgware Dies

Christie, Agatha Passenger to Frankfurt

Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Mr Quin

Christie, Agatha The ABC Murders

Christie, Agatha Partners in Crime

Christie, Agatha 4.50 From Paddington

Christie, Agatha Why Didn't They Ask Evans? - also features in this post on holidays in Christie

Christie, Agatha  The Clocks The Clocks 2

Christie, Agatha Postern of Fate

Christie, Agatha Ordeal by Innocence

Christie, Agatha The Hound of Death

Christie, Agatha One Two Buckle My Shoe

Christie, Agatha  Miss Marple Stories: The Herb of Death   Greenshaw's Folly   The Idol House of Astarte

Christie, Agatha Parker Pyne Investigates: The Case of the Rich Woman  The House at Shiraz The Case of the City Clerk

Christie, Agatha  Short Stories: Jane in Search of a Job + impersonation post

Christie, Agatha  Short Story: Hercule Poirot and The Greenshore Folly

Christie, Agatha  Short Story   Within a Wall

Christie, Agatha Short Story A Christmas Tragedy

Christie, Agatha Short Story  The Bloodstained Pavement

Christie, Agatha  The Mysterious Mr Quin

Christie, Agatha  Poirot's Early Cases 
    - incl Victory Ball, Submarine Plans & Johnny Waverly

Christie, Agatha Poirot Investigates
      - incl  Western Star, Mystery of Hunter's Lodge, The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

Post on holidays  and trips in Agatha Christie books

Christie, Agatha An Autobiography  An Autobiography 2

Christie, Agatha Come, Tell Me How You Live  (Tuesday Night 3) Come Tell Me How You Live 2

Christie Firsts: Best Introductory Books

+ podcast on The Mysterious Affair at Styles 

Coles, Richard  Murder Before Evensong

Coles, Richard A Death in the Parish

Collins, Wilkie The Woman in White  The Woman in White 2

Collins, Wilkie No Name No Name 2 No Name 3

Collins, Wilkie Haunted Hotel

Cook, Thomas H The Quest for Anna Klein

Corry, Jane My Husband's Wife

Cowdroy, Joan A The Murder of Lydia

Craig, Amanda The Lie of the Land

Crampton, Caroline  Shedunnit podcast
  Crane, Frances Thirteen White Tulips  Thirteen White Tulips 2

Crane, Frances The Applegreen Cat

Craven, MW The Puppet Show

Crider, Bill A Romantic Way to Die + tribute

Crispin, Edmund Holy Disorders

Crispin, Edmund Swan Song

Crispin, Edmund  The Long Divorce

Crispin, Edmund Love Lies Bleeding

Crispin, Edmund Glimpses of the Moon

Crofts, Freeman Wills Antidote to Venom

Crombie, Deborah  In a Dark House

Cullingford, Guy Conjurer's Coffin

Cullingford, Guy Framed for Hanging

Cumming, Charles Box 88

Cumming, Charles Judas 62

Dalton, Moray The Night of Fear

Daly, Elizabeth   The Book of the Dead

Daly, Elizabeth Nothing Can Rescue Me

Daly, Elizabeth  And Dangerous to Know

Daly, Elizabeth The Book of the Crime

Daly, Paula The Trophy Child 

Daly, Paula Open Your Eyes

Dane, Clemence & Simpson, Helen Enter Sir John

Day, Elizabeth  The Party

Day, Elizabeth Magpie 

Day, Marele The Last Tango of Dolores Delgado

Deaver, Jeffrey The Vanished Man

Deighton, Len  The Ipcress File  The Ipcress File 2

Deighton, Len Berlin Game

Deighton, Len Mexico Set

Deighton, Len London Match

Deighton, Len Spy Hook

Deighton, Len Spy Line

Deighton, Len Spy Sinker

Deighton, Len Faith

Deighton, Len Hope

Deighton, Len Charity

Deighton, Len Funeral in Berlin Funeral in Berlin 2

Delany, Vicki In the Shadow of the Glacier

DeMille, Nelson The Book Case

Deverell, William Trial of Passion

Dickens, Charles The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Dicker, Joel   The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair

Dickinson, Peter Death of a Unicorn

Dickinson, Peter Some Deaths Before Dying

Dickinson, Peter King and Joker

Dickinson, Peter Skeleton-in-Waiting

Dickson, Carter see Carr, John Dickson - above

Doyle, Arthur Conan   A Scandal in Bohemia

Duffy, Maureen The Orpheus Trail

Duffy, Stella Face Value (short story)

Du Maurier, Daphne
Don’t Look Now

Du Maurier, Daphne  The Scapegoat

Du Maurier, Daphne Jamaica Inn Jamaica Inn 2

Du Maurier, Daphne A Borderline Case, from Don't Look Now & Other Stories

Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca Rebecca 2

Duncan, Francis Murder for Christmas

Dunn, Carola Mistletoe and Murder

Dunsany, Lord Two Bottles of Relish (Friday Fright Night)

Edugyan, Esi Half Blood Blues   Half Blood Blues 2

Edwards, Martin The Golden Age of Murder - guest post  The Golden Age of Murder - review

Edwards, Martin The Cipher Garden

Edwards, Martin The Life of Crime (blog tour) +review in the i newspaper

Ellin, Stanley The Corruption of Officer Avakadian

Ellin, Stanley Death on Christmas Eve

     -- see also here

Ellwood, Nuala  My Sister's Bones

Emmerson, Miranda Miss Tredway and the Field of Stars

Engel, Amy The Roanoke Girls

Eustis, Helen  The Horizontal Man

Evans, Curtis - editor   Murder in the Closet + trip to New York for the Edgars

Ewan, Chris  Long Time Lost

Faherty, Terence Live to Regret

Falkner, J Meade  The Nebuly Coat  The Nebuly Coat 2

Farjeon, J Jefferson Mystery in White

Fennell, Louise  Dead Rich

Ferguson, Patricia Aren't We Sisters? Aren't We Sisters? 2
Ferrars, Elizabeth  Give a Corpse a Bad Name

Ferrars, Elizabeth  Alibi for a Witch

Ferrars, Elizabeth Skeleton in Search of a Cupboard

Ferrars, Elizabeth  Murder in Time

Ferrars, Elizabeth Furnished for Murder

Ferrars, Elizabeth  Murder Among Friends

Ferrars, Elizabeth Smoke Without Fire

Ferrars, Elizabeth The Lying Voices

Fetta, Emma Lou  Murder in Style

Fisher, Lucy Witch Way Now? 

Fitt, Mary Three Sisters Flew Home 

Fitzgerald, Pat Keep Away From Those Ferraris

Fleming, Ian The Man with the Golden Typewriter: The James Bond Letters

-- see also  Amis, Kingsley  The James Bond Dossier

Fleming, Ian Casino Royale

Fleming, Ian Live and Let Die Live and Let Die 2

Fleming, Ian Moonraker Moonraker 2

Fleming, Ian Diamonds Are Forever 

Fleming, Ian From Russia With Love From Russia With Love 2

Fleming, Ian  Dr No

Fleming, Ian Goldfinger

Fleming, Ian  For Your Eyes Only/ Quantum of Solace

Fleming, Ian Thunderball   Thunderball 2

Fleming, Ian The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me 2

Fleming, Ian On Her Majesty's Secret Service, OHMSS 2  OHMSS 3

Fleming, Ian You Only Live Twice

Fleming, Ian The Man With the Golden Gun

Fleming, Ian Octopussy & The Living Daylights

Fleming, Ian James Bond Books - Roundup Post: James Bond in Love

+ continuation Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz, With a Mind to Kill

Fleming, Joan Every Inch a Lady

Flynn, Brian The Murders Near Mapleton

Flynn, Gillian  Gone Girl

Foley, Lucy The Hunting Party

Footner, Hulbert  The Velvet Hand

Forester, CS  Plain Murder

Fossum, Karin  In the Darkness

Fowler, Christopher The Book of Forgotten Authors

Fox, Sebastian  Odd Woman Out

Franklin, Ariana Mistress of the Art of Death

Franklin, Ariana  The Death Maze

Franklin, Ariana Relics of the Dead

Franklin, Ariana The Assassin's Prayer

Fraser, Antonia  Oxford Blood Oxford Blood 2

Freeling, Nicolas Double-Barrel

Freeling, Nicolas Aupres de ma Blonde  A Long Silence

Fremlin, Celia The Trouble-Makers

Fremlin, Celia Uncle Paul

Fremlin, Celia The Long Shadow

French, Tana  The Secret Place

French, Tana The Trespasser

French, Tana In the Woods

French, Tana The Likeness

French, Tana The Wych Elm

French, Tana The Searcher

Fyfield, Frances Blood From Stone

Gaiman, Neil The Case of Death and Honey (short story)

Galbraith, Robert (JK Rowling) The Cuckoo's Calling, The Cuckoo's Calling 2

Galbraith, Robert (JK Rowling) The Silkworm The Silkworm 2

Galbraith, Robert (JK Rowling) The Ink Black Heart

Galbraith, Robert (JK Rowling) The Running Grave

Gardner, Erle Stanley The Knife Slipped

Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Turning Tide

Gardner, Erle Stanley Owls Don't Blink

Garve, Andrew   The Galloway Case

Garve, Andrew The File on Lester

(see also Roger Bax)

Gilbert, Anthony The Black Stage

Gilbert, Anthony The Spinster's Secret   The Spinster's Secret 2

Gilbert, Anthony Death in Fancy Dress

Gilbert, Anthony The Clock in the Hatbox

Gilbert, Anthony Death Knocks Three Times

Gilbert, Anthony  30 Days to Live

Gilbert, Anthony She Shall Die

Gilbert, Anthony The Bell of Death

[see also Anne Meredith]

Gilbert, Michael  Smallbone Deceased

Gilbert, Michael The Night of the Twelfth

Gilbert, Michael The Empty House

Gilbert, Michael Death Has Deep Roots

Gilbert, Michael Death of a Favourite Girl (aka The Killing of Katie Steelstock)

Gilbert, Michael Close Quarters

Gilbert, Michael Black Seraphim

Gill, Elizabeth What Dread Hand? 

Gillies, Andrea  The White Lie

Glaspell, Susan A Jury of her Peers

Gold, Glen David Carter Beats the Devil  Carter Beats the Devil 2

Goolrick, Robert A Reliable Wife

Gosling, Paula A Running Duck

Gottlieb, Eli Now You See Him

Grafton, Sue T is for Trespass

Grafton, Sue U is for Undertow

Graham, Caroline  Murder at Madingley Grange

Graham, Laurie The Night in Question   The Night in Question 2

Grant-Adamson, Lesley Patterns in the Dust

Gray, Dulcie Epitaph for an Actor

Greene, Graham Brighton Rock

Greene, Graham The Third Man

Grieves, Tom   A Cry in the Night

Griffiths, Elly Dying Fall   

Griffiths, Elly Ruth's First Christmas Tree

Griffiths, Elly The Outcast Dead

Griffiths, Elly  The Zig Zag Girl

Griffiths, Elly The Ghost Fields

Griffiths, Elly  Smoke and Mirrors

Griffiths, Elly  The Woman in Blue

Griffiths, Elly The Blood Card

Griffiths, Elly The Crossing Places

Griffiths, Elly The Chalk Pit

Griffiths, Elly The Vanishing Box

Griffiths, Elly  The Dark Angel

Griffiths, Elly Ruth and Harry - an overview by CiB

Griffiths, Elly The Stranger Diaries The Stranger Diaries 2

Griffiths, Elly The Stone Circle

Griffiths, Elly A Girl Called Justice

Griffiths, Elly Now You See Them

Griffiths, Elly The Lantern Men

Griffiths Elly  The Postscript Murders

Griffiths, Elly The Night Hawks

Haddam, Jane Precious Blood

Hallberg, Garth Risk City on Fire

Hallett, Janice The Twyford Code

Hammett, Dashiell The Maltese Falcon

Hammer, Chris Scrublands

Hare, Cyril That Yew Tree's Shade (US: Death Walks the Woods)

Hare, Cyril An English Murder

Harris, Jane Gillespie and I

Harris, Lee The Christmas Night Murder

Harris, Robert An Officer and a Spy

Harris, Robert Enigma

Hart, Carolyn  Brave Hearts

Hart, Carolyn  Letter From Home

Hawkins, Paula The Girl on the Train 

Hay, Mavis Doriel  Death on the Cherwell

Hayes, Terry  I am Pilgrim

Heald, Paul J Death in Eden

Heley, Veronica False Step

Herron, Mick Real Tigers

Herron, Mick Spook Street

Herron, Mick London Rules

Herron, Mick This is What Happened

Herron, Mick Joe Country

Herron, Mick The Usual Santas

Heyer, Georgette Why Shoot a Butler?

Heyer, Georgette No Wind of Blame

Heyer, Georgette Envious Casca Envious Casca 2

Heyer, Georgette Behold Here's Poison

Heyer, Georgette  Detection Unlimited

Heyer, Georgette The Unfinished Clue

Heyer, Georgette Death in the Stocks

Heyer, Georgette A Blunt Instrument

Heyer, Georgette Duplicate Death

Heyer, Georgette They Found him Dead

Highsmith, Patricia Strangers on a Train

     -- see also here 

Hill, Tobias  The Love of Stones

Hinkson, Jake  Saint Homicide

Hitchens, Dolores Sleep With Slander

Hitchman, Beatrice  Petite Mort

Hjortsberg, William Falling Angel 1Falling Angel 2

Hogan, Michael   Burial of the Dead

Holding, Elizabeth Sanxay Lady Killer

Holt, Anne The Blind Goddess

Holton, Leonard The Saint Maker

Hone, Joseph The Sixth Directorate

Hoover, Colleen Too Late

Horowitz, Anthony The Word is Murder

Horowitz, Anthony With a Mind to Kill - James Bond

Hughes, Dorothy B The So Blue Marble

Hull, Richard Excellent Intentions

Hume, Fergus  The Ghost's Touch

Hunt, Andrew A Killing in Zion

Hunt, Peter Murder Among the Nudists

Hunter, Cara In the Dark

Innes, Michael Hamlet, Revenge!

Innes, Michael What Happened at Hazelwood

Innes, Michael There Came Both Mist and Snow

Johnson, Zoe At the Sign of the Clove and Hoof

Joseph, Alison The Dying Light  The Dying Light 2

Kadare, Ismail The Ghost Rider

Kakonis, Tom  Michigan Roll

Kamal, Sheena Eyes Like Mine

Kanon, Joseph Defectors

Kasasian, MRC The Mangle St Murders

Kelly, Erin   The Skeleton Key

Kelly, Nora Old Wounds

Kennedy, Ludovic The Trial of Stephen Ward  The Trial of Stephen Ward 2

Kent, Christobel A Party in San Niccolo

Kent, Christobel The Loving Husband

Keverne, Richard The Man in the Red Hat

Keyes, Frances Parkinson Dinner at Antoine's

Keyes, Marian The Mystery of Mercy Close

Kinberg, Margot (ed)  Petrona Remembered: the 'In a Word:Murder' anthology

Kinberg, Margot Past Tense

Kinberg, Margot Downfall

King, Laurie R Justice Hall  Justice Hall 2

King, Laurie R Locked Rooms Locked Rooms 2

King, Laurie R The Marriage of Mary Russell

King, Laurie R Mary's Christmas

King, Stephen The Shining

Kirschman, Ellen Burying Ben

Knight, Kathleen Moore Death Goes to a Reunion

Knight, Kathleen Moore Exit a Star

Knight, Renee  Disclaimer

Kutak, Rosemary Darkness of Slumber

Kutak, Rosemary   I Am the Cat

Lane, Harriet  Alys, Always  Alys, Always 2

Lane, Harriet  Her Her 2

Lang, Maria A Wreath for the Bride

Lathen, Emma  When in Greece

Lathen, Emma By Hook or By Crook

Lathen, Emma Ashes to Ashes

Lathen, Emma Death Shall Overcome

Latimer, Rupert Murder After Christmas

Laurence, Janet   Deadly Inheritance

Lawrence, Hilda  Blood Upon the Snow

Lawrence, Hilda A Time to Die

Lawrence, Hilda Death of a Doll

Lawton, John  Unholy Joy

Lawton, John Friends and Traitors

Le Carre, John Our Kind of Traitor

Le Carre, John Our Game

Le Carre, John A Private Spy: Letters

Lee, Austin  Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders

Lee, Gypsy Rose The G-String Murders

Lehane, Dennis Gone, Baby, Gone
Lehane, Dennis  Moonlight Mile 

Lelic, Simon

Lennon, J Robert   Familiar

Lennon, J Robert Broken River

Leon, Donna   The Jewels of Paradise

Leonard, SV The Islanders

Levin, Ira A Kiss Before Dying

Lewis, Lange The Birthday Murder

Lewis, Lange Murder Among Friends

Lewis, Lange Juliet Dies Twice

Littell Robert  Legends

Little, Iris - see Robert James

Little, Constance & Gwenyth   Black Headed Pins

Lockridge, Richard & Frances   Death of an Angel

Lombard, Nap Murder's a Swine (see also Pamela Hansford Johnson)

Lorac, ECR Bats in the Belfry

Lorac, ECR  Two-Way Murder

Lorac, ECR Accident by Design

Lorac, ECR Death of an Author

Lorac, ECR Crook O' Lune

Lovesey, Peter The Secret Hangman

MacDonald, Ross The Goodbye Look

MacDonald, Ross The Wycherley Woman

MacDonald, Ross the Drowning Pool

MacDonald, Janice Another Margaret

Macdonell, AG The Shakespeare Murders

MacLean, Alistair The Golden Rendezvous

MacLeod Charlotte Murder Goes Mumming [aka Alisa Craig]

Mainwaring, Marion Murder at Midyears

Maitland, Barry  The Raven's Eye

Mann, Jessica The Mystery Writer

March, William The Bad Seed

Mark, David  Dark Winter

Marsh, Ngaio Singing in the Shrouds

Marsh, Ngaio  Scales of Justice

Marsh, Ngaio Death in Ecstasy 

Marsh, Ngaio Enter a Murderer

Marsh, Ngaio Colour Scheme

Marsh, Ngaio  A Man Lay Dead

Marsh, Ngaio The Nursing Home Murder

Marsh, Ngaio Death in a White Tie  Death in a White Tie 2

Marsh, Ngaio  Artists in Crime (Tuesday Night Club 1)

Marsh, Ngaio Surfeit of Lampreys (Tuesday Night Club 2) 

Marsh, Ngaio  Hand in Glove (Tuesday Night Club 3)

Marsh, Ngaio Tied up in Tinsel (Tuesday Night 4)

Marsh, Ngaio Death at the Dolphin (Tuesday Night 5)

Marsh, Ngaio  Tuesday Night Club Links Week 5

Marsh, Ngaio Final Curtain 

Marsh, Ngaio Died in the Wool

Marsh, Ngaio Swing, Brother, Swing

Marsh, Ngaio Overture to Death

Marsh, Ngaio Death and The Dancing Footman

Marsh, Ngaio Opening Night

Marsh, Ngaio Spinsters in Jeopardy

Marsh, Ngaio Off With His Head

Marsh, Ngaio False Scent

Martin, Shane Twelve Girls in the Garden

Masterman, JC   The Case of the Four Friends

Maugham, W Somerset  Ashenden

Mazzola, Anna  The Story Keeper

McCloy,Helen  Through a Glass Darkly

McCloy, Helen Cue for Murder  Cue for Murder 2

McCloy, Helen Two-Thirds of a Ghost

McCloy, Helen Dance of Death

McCloy, Helen Goblin Market

McCloy, Helen Alias Basil Willing

McCloy, Helen The Slayer and the Slain

McCloy, Helen The Deadly Truth

McCloy, Helen He Never Came Back

McDermid, Val Report for Murder

McEwan, Ian Sweet Tooth   Sweet Tooth 2

McGowan, Claire  The Fall

McGown, Jill Murder.... Now And Then

McGown, Jill Murder at the Old Vicarage

McGown, Jill The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale

[See also: Chaplin, Elizabeth  Hostage to Fortune]

McIntyre, Hope  How to Marry a Ghost

McMullen, Mary Stranglehold

McMullen Mary Death by Bequest

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses

McPherson, Catriona  Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone   Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of 

McPherson, Catriona   The Day She Died

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Most Misleading Habit

McPherson, Catriona  The Child Garden

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil 

McPherson, Catriona Weight of Angels / House, Tree, 

Mejia, Mindy The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman

Meredith, Anne Portrait of a Murderer [aka Anthony Gilbert]

Meyers, Annette Tender Death

Millar, Margaret  Vanish in an Instant  Vanish in an Instant 2 Vanish in an Instant 3

Milne, AA Four Days' Wonder

Minett, GJ  The Hidden Legacy

Miske, Karim  Arab Jazz

Bodies From the Library: Gladys Mitchell and again

Mitchell, Gladys Laurels are Poison

Mitchell, Gladys Death at the Opera

Mitchell, Gladys  Watson's Choice - and again here

Mitchell, Gladys A Hearse on May-Day

Mitchell, Gladys Groaning Spinney

Mitchell, Gladys Spotted Hemlock

Mitchell, Gladys The Man Who Grew Tomatoes

Mitchell, Gladys The Worsted Viper

Mitchell, Gladys  Sunset Over Soho

Mitchell, Gladys The Echoing Strangers

Mitchell, Gladys The Longer Bodies

Mitchell, Gladys Tom Brown's Body

Mitchell, Gladys When Last I Died

Mitchell,  Gladys The Devil at Saxon Wall

Mitchell, Gladys The Rising of the Moon

Mitchell, Gladys The Saltmarsh Murders

Mitchell, Gladys Here Comes a Chopper

Mitchell, Gladys Pageant of Murder

Mitchell, Gladys  St Peter's Finger

Mitchell, Gladys Death and the Maiden

Mitchell, Gladys Hangman's Curfew

Moggach, Lottie Kiss Me First

Moggach, Lottie Under the Sun

Moriarty, Liane   The Husband's Secret

Moriarty, Liane Little Lies

Moriarty, Liane Truly Madly Guilty

Moriarty, Liane Nine Perfect Strangers

Morrissey, JP  Weekend at Blenheim

Moyes, Patricia  Murder a la Mode Murder a la Mode 2

Moyes, Patricia Death on the Agenda

Moyes, Patricia Dead Men Don't Ski

Moyes, Patricia Johnny Under Ground

Moyes, Patricia  A Six-Letter Word For Death

Moyes, Patricia Entry on Henry and Emmy Tibbett

Mukherjee, Abir A Rising Man

Murray, Max  The King and the Corpse

Murray, Max  The Voice of the Corpse

Murray, Max The Queen and the Corpse

Murray, Max The Sunshine Corpse

Musso, Guillaume   The Girl on Paper

Nabb, Magdalen  The Marshal and the Madwoman

Neely, Barbara Blanche on the Lam

Neely, Barbara Blanche Among the Talented Tenth

Neely, Barbara  Blanche Passes Go Blanche Passes Go 2

Neville, Stuart Juror 8 (short story)

Noll, Ingrid Hell Hath No Fury

Noy, Jim The Red Death Murders

Oates, Joyce Carol Jack of Spades

O’Brien, Meg Salmon in the Soup

O'Donnell, Paraic The House on Vesper Sands

O'Flynn, Catherine  What Was Lost

Oppenheim, E Philips   The Great Impersonation The 

Great Impersonation 2

Oppenheim, E Philips Anna the Adventuress

Osman, Richard  The Thursday Murder Club

Osman, Richard The Man Who Died Twice

Osman, Richard The Bullet That Missed

Osman, Richard The Last Devil to Die

Owen, Lauren The Quick  The Quick 2

OxCrimes Anthology 2014 Part 1  Part 2

Packer, Vin  The Girl on the Best Seller List

Palliser, Charles  Rustication

Palliser, Charles Betrayals

Papazoglou, Orania  Charisma

Paris, BA  Behind Closed Doors

Patrick, Q Murder at Cambridge

Pavone, Chris The Expats

Peck, Winifred Arrest the Bishop? 

Penn, John   Mortal Term

Penny, Rupert Sweet Poison

Otto Penzler and the Mysterious Book Shop

Pessl, Marisha   Night Film  Night Film 2

Peters, Elizabeth Trojan Gold

Peters, Ellis   The Will and the Deed  The Will and the Deed 2

Peters, Ellis Funeral of Figaro

Piesman, Marissa Alternate Sides

Piesman, Marissa Survival Instincts

Player, Robert   The Ingenious Mr Stone

Pochoda, Ivy Visitation Street  Visitation Street 2

Popkin, Zelda Death Wears a White Gardenia

Potts, Jean The Man with the Cane

Potts, Jean The Diehard

Poulson, Christine Murder is Academic

Poulson, Christine Stage Fright

Poulson, Christine  Footfall

Poulson, Christine Invisible

Poulson, Christine Deep Water

Poulson, Christine Cold Cold Heart

Author Interview: Christine Poulson

Poulson, Christine An Air That Kills  An Air That Kills 2

Preston, John A Very English Scandal

Priestley, JB Blackout in Gretley

Pronzini, Bill & Willcox, Collin Two Spot

Pryce, Malcolm   Aberystwyth Mon Amour

Pryor, Mark  The Bookseller

Pryor, Mark The Button Man

Pullein-Thompson, Josephine Gin and Murder

Pullein-Thompson, Josephine  Murder Strikes Pink

Punshon, ER  The Bath Mysteries

Punshon, ER  Six Were Present

Puzo, Mario The Making of The Godfather

Puzo, Mario  The Godfather  The Godfather 2

Queen, Ellery  A Fine and Private Place

Queen, Ellery The Finishing Stroke The Finishing Stroke 2

Queen, Ellery Cop Out (Tuesday Night 1)

Queen,  Ellery Lamp of God and The Scarlet Letters (Tuesday Night 2)

Queen, Ellery New Adventures of Ellery Queen (Tuesday Night 3) 

Queen, Ellery  The Last Woman in His Life (Tuesday Night 4) 

Queen, Ellery Face to Face

Queen, Ellery The Dauphin's Doll 

Queen, Ellery The French Powder Mystery The French Powder

Queen, Ellery The Door Between

Queen, Ellery Double Double

Quinn, Anthony  Curtain Call   Curtain Call 2

Rader-Day, Lori  The Black Hour

Rader-Day, Lori Little Pretty Things

Radford, E & MA  Who Killed Dick Whittington?

Randall, Bob The Fan

Rayne, Sarah Death Notes

Rayne, Sarah Song of the Damned

see also Guestblog by Sarah Rayne on Clemence Dane's  Broome Stages

Rendell, Ruth  A New Lease of Death

Rendell, Ruth A Judgement in Stone

Revell, Louisa  A Silver Spade

Revell, Louisa See Rome And Die

Rhys, Rachel Fatal Inheritance

Ribchester, Lucy The Hourglass Factory The Hourglass Factory 2

Rickman, Phil All of a Winter's Night

Rinehart, Mary Roberts  The Case of Jennie Brice

Ripley, Mike Mr Campion's Farewell

Ripley, Mike Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robertson, Michael The Baker Street Letters

Robinson, Peter Before the Poison

Robinson, Robert  Landscape with Dead Dons

Rogan, Charlotte  The Lifeboat

Rogers, Joel Townley  The Red Right Hand

Rogers, Mark Koreatown Blues

Roth, Holly  Shadow of a Lady

Roth, Holly  The Crimson in the Purple

Rothschild, Hannah  The Improbability of Love

JK Rowling   - see Robert Galbraith

Runcie, James Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

Russell, Michael City of Shadows

Russell, Norman The Advocate's Wife

Rutland, Harriet Knock, Murderer, Knock!

Ryan, WC A House of Ghosts

Ryan, WC The Winter Guest

Sackville-West, Vita  Devil at Westease

Sanderson, Douglas  Blondes Are My Trouble

Sansom, CJ Dominion

Sansom, CJ Lamentation

Sansom, CJ Dissolution

Sayers, Dorothy L  Whose Body?  (TNC Week 1)

Sayers, Dorothy L Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (TNC Week 1) 

Sayers, Dorothy L Unnatural Death (TNC Week 1) 

Sayers, Dorothy L The Harriet Vane Books (TNC 2) and see also entry on Harriet D Vane

Sayers, Dorothy L The Wimsey Books Exam Paper - TNC 3

Sayers, Dorothy L  Overview TNC 4

Sayers, Dorothy L  Strong Poison

Sayers, Dorothy L  The Necklace of Pearls (Hangman's Holiday) 

**(see also Jill Paton Walsh below)**

**(see also Janet Hitchman,  Such a Strange Lady: Life of Dorothy L Sayers)

Schirach, Ferdinand von The Collini Case

Schultz, Emily The Blondes

Scott, Justin   Hardscape

Scott, Justin StoneDust

Searle, Nicholas The Good Liar

Sellars, Eleanore Kelly Murder a la Mode

Semple, Maria Where'd You Go Bernadette Where'd You Go Bernadette 2

Shaber, Sarah R  Simon Said

Shakespeare, William   Crime Titles from Hamlet

Shames, Terry   A Killing at Cotton Hill

Shames, Terry Dead Broke in Jarrett Creek

Shames, Terry The Last Death of Jack Harbin

Shane, Susannah Lady in Lilac   Lady in Lilac 2

Shepherd, Eric Murder in a Nunnery

Shepherd, Lynn  Tom-All-Alone's

Shepherd, Lynn A Treacherous Likeness

Sheridan, Sara Brighton Belle

Sherwood, John The Half Hunter

Sherwood, John A Shot in the Arm/Death at the BBC

Simenon, Georges Madame Maigret's Friend

Simpson, Helen & Dane, Clemence Enter Sir John

Sklepowich, Edward Death in a Serene City

Sklepowich, Edward Farewell to the Flesh

Slesar, Henry Enter Murderers

Smith, Derek Whistle Up the Devil

Smith, Dominic The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

Smith, Joan A Masculine Ending

Smith, Joan Don't Leave Me This Way

Smith, Mark Death of the Detective

Smith, Tom Rob  The Farm

Smith, Zadie  NW

Spain, Nancy Cinderella Goes to the Morgue

Spark, Muriel The Driver's Seat

Speller, Elizabeth   The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton, Strange Fate of Kitty Easton 2

Sprigg, Christopher St John The Perfect Alibi

Sprigg, Christopher St John Death of an Airman + post on plotlines

Staalesen, Gunnar  Where Roses Never Die Where Roses Never Die 2

Stace, Wesley Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer

Steiner, Susie  Persons Unknown

Steiner, Susie Remain Silent

Steinhauer, Olen  The Tourist

Stevens, Robin Murder Most Unladylike

Stewart, Mary  Wildfire at Midnight

Stewart, Mary Airs Above the Ground

Stewart, Mary The Ivy Tree + impersonation post + Fair Flower of Northumberland - traditional ballad

Noah Stewart, an obituary

Stone, BC  Murder at the Belmar

Stout, Rex Christmas Party (TNC Week 1) 

Stout, Rex  More Deaths Than One (TNC Week 2)

Stout, Rex The Second Confession (TNC Week 3)

Stout, Rex The Doorbell Rang (TNC Week 3)

Stout, Rex Hand in Glove (TNC Week 4) 

Stout, Rex Red Threads (TNC Week4) Red Threads 2

Stout, Rex Fer de Lance 

Stout, Rex Easter Parade

Stout, Rex The 4th July Picnic

Stout, Rex  Invitation to Murder

Stout, Rex Champagne For One

Stratmann, Linda The Poisonous Seed

Stratmann, Linda  The Daughters of Gentlemen

Streatfeild,  Noel  Murder While You Work

Swanson, Peter The Kind Worth Killing

Sweazy, Larry D See Also Murder

Sweazy, Larry D See Also Deception

Sykes, Plum Party Girls Die in Pearls

Symons, Julian The Belting Inheritance

Talbot, Hake Rim of the Pit

Taylor, DJ The Windsor Faction

Taylor, Phoebe Atwood The Cape Cod Mystery & reposted for TNC Week 1

Taylor, Phoebe Atwood File for Record TNC Week 2

(aka Alice Tilton)

Tey, Josephine Miss Pym Disposes Miss Pym Disposes 2      Miss Pym Disposes 3 and see also entry on Miss Pym

Tey, Josephine  The Singing Sands   The Singing Sands 2

Tey, Josephine The Daughter of Time  The Daughter of Time 2

Tey, Josephine  Brat Farrar  Brat Farrar 2 + Impersonation post

Tey, Josephine A Shilling for Candles

Thompson, Jim Ironside

Thomson, Lesley  The Detective's Daughter

Thorndike, Russell The Slype  The Slype 2

Thorne, Guy  When it Was Dark When it Was Dark 2   When it Was Dark 3

Thynne, Jane The Weighing of the Heart

Thynne, Molly The Crime at the Noah's Ark
Tilton, Alice - see Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Tyler, LC  The Herring Seller's Apprentice

Tyler, LC The Plague Road

Unsworth, Cathi Without the Moon

Vickers, Roy The Department of Dead Ends

Viner, PD The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Vittachi, Nury  Mr Wong Goes West

Wade, Henry The Hanging Captain

Waldman, Ayelet  Death Gets a Time-Out

Waldman, Ayelet  Love and Treasure

Wallace, Irving  The Second Lady

Wallis, Ruth Sawtell Too Many Bones

Walsh, Jill Paton The Late Scholar
**(about Lord Peter Wimsey - see also Dorothy L Sayers above)**

Walton, Jo Farthing

Walton, Jo  Ha'Penny and Half a Crown

Walton, Samantha Guilty but Insane

Ward, Sarah In Bitter Chill In Bitter Chill 2

Ward, Sarah A Deadly Thaw

Ward, Sarah The Shrouded Path

Ward, Sarah - Rhiannon Ward  The Quickening

Ward, Sarah The Birthday Girl

Ward, Sarah The Sixth Lie

Ware, Guy The Fat of Fed Beasts

Warriner, Thurman  The Doors of Sleep The Doors of Sleep 2

Warriner, Thurman Death's Dateless Night

Watson, SJ Before I go to Sleep

Webb, Joyce Bevins   The Clue in the Castle

Wells, Anna Mary A Talent for Murder

Wells, Carolyn The Vanishing of Betty Varian

Wentworth, Patricia  Entry on Miss Silver vs Miss Marple

Wentworth, Patricia  Poison in the Pen

Wentworth, Patricia  Through the Wall

Wentworth, Patricia  Spotlight

Wentworth, Patricia  The Silent Pool

Wentworth, Patricia  The Clock Strikes Twelve

Wentworth, Patricia  Miss Silver Intervenes

Wentworth, Patricia  The Benevent Treasure

Wentworth, Patricia  Grey Mask

Wentworth, Patricia The Brading Collection The Brading Collection 2

Wentworth, Patricia  Anna Where Are You? 

Wentworth, Patricia  Mr Zero

Wentworth, Patricia The Chinese Shawl

Wentworth, Patricia Pilgrim's Rest

Wentworth, Patrica  The Case is Closed

Wentworth, Patricia  The Dower House Mystery

Wentworth, Patricia The Ivory Dagger

Wentworth, Patricia  Miss Silver Comes to Stay

Wentworth, Patricia Ladies' Bane

Wentworth, Patricia Latter End

Wentworth, Patricia The Case of William Smith

Wentworth, Patricia The Traveller Returns

Wentworth, Patricia The Catherine Wheel

Wentworth, Patricia The Listening Eye

Wentworth, Patricia  Out of the Past

Wentworth, Patricia Lonesome Road

Wentworth, Patricia  Danger Point

Wentworth, Patricia The Key

Wentworth, Patricia Eternity Ring

Wentworth, Patricia The Watersplash

Wentworth, Patricia The Gazebo

Westlake, Donald E  Brothers Keepers Brothers Keepers

Wheatley, Dennis The Golden Spaniard

White, Ethel Lina  Fear Stalks the Village

White, Ethel Lina Wax

White, Ethel Lina  The Lady Vanishes  aka The Wheel Spins

White, Ethel Lina Step in the Dark

White, Ethel Lina  Spiral Staircase (Some May Watch)

White, Ethel Lina She Faded Into Air

White, Ethel Lina While She Sleeps

White, Ethel Lina The Third Eye

White, Ethel Lina The First Time He Died

White, TH Darkness Comes to Pemberley

Widen, Gregory Blood Makes Noise

Willcox, Collin & Pronzini, Bill   Two Spot

Williams, Ben Ames  Leave Her to Heaven

Williams, Valentine Masks off at Midnight

Wilson, Andrew A Talent for Murder

Wilson, Elizabeth She Died Young

Witting, Clifford  Measure for Murder

Wolfe, Susan Escape Velocity

Woodrell, Daniel The Maid's Version

Worsley-Gough, Barbara Alibi Innings

Worsley-Gough, Barbara Lantern Hill

Wright, Austin  Tony & Susan

Yaffe, James My Mother the Detective

Yorke, Margaret Dead in the Morning

Zaremba, Eve  Work for a Million

Ziskin, James W Styx and Stone