With a Mind to Kill by Anthony Horowitz: James Bond


published 2022

This is a continuation novel about James Bond, the third from Anthony Horowitz.

My review of it appeared in the i newspaper today: 

... and here's the link. 

James Bond is back! Anthony Horowitz's With a Mind to Kill is an action-packed joy (inews.co.uk)

If you read it online you will see this bio for me: 

Moira Redmond has written extensively about James Bond on her blog Clothes In Books

And this is no exaggeration. I have covered all the original books by Ian Fleming, looked at other aspects, found wonderful photos to illustrate them, looked at books about them... and - of course, the key issue - uncovered the known-only-to-me connection between James Bond and James Bigglesworth.

(James and the Giant Octopus: Live and Let Die (clothesinbooks.blogspot.com) -  'I can hardly type for laughing')

This post gives an overview of the books, with links

TNC: James Bond and the Art of Love (clothesinbooks.blogspot.com)

and all of them come up if you click here.

There is a post on another Horowitz book, The Word is Murder, here

And Clothes in Books and Anthony Horowitz once attended the same social/books event... 


  1. Well done, Moira! If I'm being honest, I don't usually go for follow-ons; I prefer the original author's work. That said, though, Horowitz is very talented, and has what I'll bet is exactly the right touch for this character.

    1. Thanks Margot - I went into this with an open mind, like you I'm not always a big fan of follow-ons, both the idea of it and the execution. But as I think you can tell, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed, and certainly felt that the author was respectful and trying to do a genuine continuation.


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