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All the books featured so far, in alphabetical order  by author, L-Q
Lanchester, John Capital

Lane, Carla  TV Writer and Landlady

Lane, Harriet  Alys, Always  Alys, Always 2

Lane, Harriet  Her Her 2

Lang, Maria A Wreath for the Bride

Larsen, Nella  Passing

Lathen, Emma When in Greece

Lathen, Emma By Hook or By Crook

Lathen, Emma Ashes to Ashes

Laurain, Antoine The President's Hat

Laurence, Janet  Deadly Inheritance

Lawrence, Hilda  Blood Upon the Snow

Lawson, Twiggy  Twiggy in Black and White

Lawton, John  Unholy Joy

Lawton, John Friends and Traitors

Le Carre, John   Our Kind of Traitor

Le Carre, John Our Game

Lee, Austin  Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird

Lee, Harper  Go Set a Watchman - blog tour Go Set a Watchman - blog tour 2

Lee, Laurie Cider with Rosie

Lees-Milne, James Fourteen Friends: Vita Sackville-West

Lehane, Dennis Gone, Baby, Gone

Lehane, Dennis  Moonlight Mile

Lehane, Dennis The Given Day

Lehmann, Rosamond The Echoing Grove 1 The Echoing Grove 2

Lehmann, Rosamond The Ballad and the Source The Ballad and the Source 2

Lelic, Simon   Rupture

Lennon, J Robert  Familiar

Lennon, J Robert  Happyland

Lennon, J Robert Broken River

Leon, Donna  The Jewels of Paradise

Levy, Deborah Swimming Home

Lewis, Michael  The Undoing Project

Lewis, Lange The Birthday Murder

Littell Robert  Legends

MacDonald, Betty  Nancy and Plum

MacDonald, Ian Revolution in the Head

MacDonald, Janice Another Margaret

Macdonell, AG The Shakespeare Murders

MacLean, Alistair The Golden Rendezvous

MacLeod, Alistair  No Great Mischief

MacLeod Charlotte Murder Goes Mumming [aka Alisa


MacNeice, Louis Les Sylphides (poem)

Mainwaring, Marion Murder at Midyears

Maitland, Barry  The Raven's Eye

Mandel, Emily St John  Station Eleven

Manning, Sarra House of Secrets

Manning, Sarra  The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp

Mantel, HilaryWolf Hall  Wolf Hall 2

Bodies 2  Bring Up the Bodies 3  Bring Up the Bodies 4 Bring Up the Bodies 5

Mantel, Hilary Top Ten list of the best of Wolf Hall

List of Books about the Tudors

Wolves in Books and Book Titles

Mantel, Hilary & Poulton, Mike  Wolf Hall & Bring up

the Bodies playscript

March, William The Bad Seed
Marias, Javier  All Souls  All Souls 2

Marie Louise, Princess My Memories of Six Reigns

Mark, David  Dark Winter

Markovits, Benjamin The Other Side of Winter

Marnell, Cat How to Murder Your Life

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Love in the Time of Cholera

Marsh, Ngaio Singing in the Shrouds

Marsh, Ngaio  Scales of Justice

Marsh, Ngaio Death in Ecstasy 

Marsh, Ngaio Enter a Murderer

Marsh, Ngaio Colour Scheme

Marsh, Ngaio  A Man Lay Dead

Marsh, Ngaio The Nursing Home Murder

Marsh, Ngaio Death in a White Tie Death in a White Tie 2

Marsh, Ngaio  Artists in Crime (Tuesday Night Club 1)

Marsh, Ngaio Surfeit of Lampreys (Tuesday Night Club 2) 

Marsh, Ngaio  Hand in Glove (Tuesday Night Club 3)

Marsh, Ngaio Tied up in Tinsel (Tuesday Night 4)

Marsh, Ngaio Death at the Dolphin (Tuesday Night 5)

Marsh, Ngaio  Tuesday Night Club Links Week 5

Marsh, Ngaio Final Curtain 

Marsh, Ngaio Died in the Wool

Marsh, Ngaio Swing, Brother, Swing

Marsh, Ngaio Overture to Death

Marsh, Ngaio Death and The Dancing Footman

Marsh, Ngaio Opening Night

Marsh, Ngaio Spinsters in Jeopardy

Marsh, Ngaio Off With His Head

Marshall, Sybil Nest of Magpies  Nest of Magpies 2

Martin, Darragh Future Popes of Ireland

Martin, Shane Twelve Girls in the Garden
Martinac, Paula   Out of Time

Masefield, John  Good Friday (dramatic poem)

Masterman, JC   The Case of the Four Friends

Maugham, W Somerset  Up at the Villa
Maugham, W Somerset  The Painted Veil The Painted Veil 2

Maugham, W Somerset Theatre (Being Julia)  Theatre (Being Julia) 2    Theatre (Being Julia) 3

Maugham, W Somerset  Ashenden

Maugham, W Somerset Cakes and Ale

Maupin, Armistead  Tales of the City  Tales of the City 2

Maupin, Armistead   The Days of Anna Madrigal

Mauriac, Francois Therese Desqueyroux Therese Desqueyroux 2 

Maurois, Andre   Ariel

Mazzola, Anna  The Story Keeper

McCabe, Eugene Death and Nightingales

McCarthy, Mary  The Group  The Group 2  The Group 3

McCauley, Stephen  Insignificant Others

McCleen, Grace The Professor of Poetry

McCloy, Helen   Through a Glass Darkly

McCloy, Helen Two-Thirds of a Ghost

McCloy, Helen Dance of Death

McCloy, Helen Goblin Market

McCloy, Helen Alias Basil Willing

McCloy, Helen The Slayer and the Slain

McCloy, Helen He Never Came Back

McDermid, Val Report for Murder

McEwan, Ian  The Child in Time

McEwan, Ian  Sweet Tooth  Sweet Tooth 2

Mc Ewan, Ian The Children Act

McEwen, Todd Cary Grant's Suit

McEwen, Todd  How Not to Be American

McGowan, Claire  The Fall

McGown, Jill The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale

[See also: Chaplin, Elizabeth  Hostage to Fortune]

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis  Greensleeves

McIntyre, Hope   How to Marry a Ghost

McKay, Hilary   Saffy’s Angel Saffy's Angel 2

McKay, Hilary  Indigo's Star

McKay, Hilary The Skylarks' War

McLain, Paula  The Paris Wife

Oh my God, What a Complete Aisling by Emer

 McLysaght & Sarah Breen

McMullen, Mary Stranglehold

McPherson, Catriona  Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable 

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome 

McPherson, Catriona   The Day She Died

McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Most 

Misleading Habit

Messud, Claire  The Woman Upstairs

Metcalfe, Jean  Sunnylea

Meyers, Annette Tender Death

Milford-Cottam, Daniel Guest Post on Corsetry

Milford-Cottam, Daniel Edwardian Fashion Edwardian Fashion 2 - harem trousers

Miller, Andrew  Pure

Miller, Madeleine The Song of Achilles

Miller, Madeleine Circe

Milne, AA Four Days' Wonder
Minett, GJ  The Hidden Legacy

Mishima, Yukio  Forbidden Colours

Miske, Karim  Arab Jazz

Mitchell, Gladys   Laurels are Poison

Mitchell, Gladys Death at the Opera

Mitchell, Gladys  Watson's Choice - and again here

Mitchell, Gladys A Hearse on May-Day

Mitchell, Gladys Groaning Spinney

Mitchell, Gladys Spotted Hemlock

Mitchell, Gladys The Man Who Grew Tomatoes

Mitchell, Gladys The Worsted Viper

Mitchell, Gladys  Sunset Over Soho

Mitchell, Gladys The Echoing Strangers

Mitchell, Stephen  Permanent Moments

Mitford sisters - Thursday list 

More About the Mitfords

Mitford, Diana   - see Mosley below

Mitford, Nancy Love in a Cold Climate  Love in a Cold Climate 2  Love in a Cold Climate 3 Love in a Cold Climate 4 Love in a Cold Climate 5 Love in a Cold Climate 6
  ---- Love in a Cold Climate for Guardian Books Blog

Mitford, Nancy  Don’t Tell Alfred

Mitford, Nancy The Blessing

Moggach, Lottie Kiss Me First

Moggach, Lottie Under the Sun

Montgomery, LM  Anne of Green Gables  Anne of 

Green Gables 2

Montgomery, LM Anne of Windy Poplars Anne of 

Windy Poplars 2

Montgomery, LM The Blue Castle

Moran, Caitlin How to Build a Girl

Moran, Caitlin How to be Famous

Morgan, Charles     The Judge's Story

Moriarty, Laura   The Chaperone The Chaperone 2
Moriarty, Liane The Husband's Secret

Moriarty, Liane Little Lies

Moriarty, Liane Truly, Madly Guilty

Moriarty, Liane Nine Perfect Strangers

Moriarty, Nicola The Fifth Letter

Morrissey  Autobiography

Morrissey, JP  Weekend at Blenheim

Mortmain, James  Enigmatism

****but note the date, and see also Dodie Smith**** 

Mortmain, James Jacob Wrestling

**** but note the date, and see also Dodie Smith****

Morton, Brian A Window Across the River

Morton, Brian Starting Out in the Evening

Mosley, Diana    (Mitford)   The Duchess of Windsor

Mosley, Diana (Mitford) Loved Ones: Lytton Strachey

and Carrington  Violet Hammersley

Mosley, Diana (Mitford) - see biographical entry

-- more biography in:
 Thompson, Laura Take Six Girls: The Mitford Sisters

Mosley, Nicholas Impossible Object 

Impossible Object 2

Mount, Ferdinand Heads You Win

Moyes, Patricia  Murder a la Mode  Murder a la Mode 2

Moyes, Patricia Death on the Agenda

Moyes, Patricia Dead Men Don't Ski

Moyes, Patricia Entry on Henry and Emmy Tibbett

Mukherjee, Abir A Rising Man

Munro, Alice  The Beggar Maid

Murakami, Haruki Norwegian Wood

Murdoch, Iris  The Nice and the Good  The Nice and the 

Good 2

Murray, Max  The King and the Corpse

Murray, Max  The Voice of the Corpse

Murray, Max The Queen and the Corpse
Musso, Guillaume  The Girl on Paper

Myers, Justin The Last Romeo

Nabb, Magdalen  The Marshal and the Madwoman

Nabokov, Vladimir Ada or Ardor

Nabokov, Vladimir Speak, Memory

Naipaul, VS  The Mystic Masseur

Neely, Barbara Blanche on the Lam

Neely, Barbara Blanche Among the Talented Tenth

Neely, Barbara  Blanche Passes Go  Blanche Passes 

Go 2

Neil, Barbara The Possession of Delia Sutherland

Nesbit, E    Five Children and It   Five Children and It 2

Nesbit, E  The Railway Children The Railway Children 2

Nesbit, E  The Enchanted Castle

Nesbit, E  The House of Arden,  The House of Arden 2

Nesbit, E Harding's Luck

Neville, Stuart Juror 8 (short story)

New Yorker  Fierce Pajamas: Anthology of Humor Writing

Newby, Eric Something Wholesale Something Wholesale 2

Newby, PH  Something to Answer For

Noll, Ingrid Hell Hath No Fury

Norton, Mary  The Borrowers   The Borrowers 2

Oates, Joyce Carol Jack of Spades

O’Brien, Edna  The Country Girls

O'Brien, Kate   The Last of Summer

O’Brien, Meg    Salmon in the Soup

O'Donnell, Paraic The House on Vesper Sands

O'Farrell, Maggie   Instructions for a Heatwave

O'Flynn, Catherine  What Was Lost

O'Leary, Sara  This is Sadie

Olivier, Edith  The Love Child

Ondaatje, Michael Coming Through Slaughter

Oppenheim, E Philips   The Great Impersonation 

Orringer, Julie  The Invisible Bridge

Ouida Under Two Flags

Owen, Lauren The Quick  The Quick 2

Owens, Lisa Not Working

OxCrimes Anthology 2014 Part 1  Part 2

Packer, Vin  The Girl on the Best Seller List

Packham, Simon  The Opposite Bastard

Palliser, Charles  Rustication

Palliser, Charles Betrayals

Papazoglou, Orania  Charisma

Paris, BA  Behind Closed Doors

Parker, Dorothy   The Satin Dress (poem)

Patrick, Q  Murder at Cambridge

Pavone, Chris The Expats

Peace, David  Red or Dead

Peace, David The Damned Utd

Pearce, Philippa  Tom's Midnight Garden Tom's

Peck, Winifred  Bewildering Cares

Peck, Winifred Arrest the Bishop? 

Penn, John   Mortal Term

Penny, Rupert Sweet Poison

Otto Penzler and the Mysterious Book Shop

Perrotta, Tom   Election  Election 2 Election 3

Perry, Sarah After Me Comes the Flood

Perry, Sarah The Essex Serpent

Perry, Sarah Melmoth

Pessl, Marisha   Night Film   Night Film 2

Peters, Elizabeth Trojan Gold

Piesman, Marissa Alternate Sides

Piesman, Marissa Survival Instincts

Plunket, Robert   My Search for Warren Harding

 My Search for Warren Harding 2  My Search for Warren Harding 3

Pochoda, Ivy Visitation Street  Visitation Street 2

Popkin, Zelda Death Wears a White Gardenia

Portis, Charles True Grit

Potts, Jean The Man with the Cane

Poulson, Christine   Murder is Academic 

Poulson, Christine Stage Fright

Poulson, Christine  Footfall

Poulson, Christine Invisible

Poulson, Christine Deep Water

Poulson, Christine Cold Cold Heart

Author Interview: Christine Poulson

Poulton, Mike  - see Hilary Mantel, above

Pound, Ezra The River-Merchant's Wife

Powell, Anthony   A Buyer’s Market   A Buyer's Market 2
Pratchett, Terry   Men at Arms

Pratchett, Terry  Maskerade

Pratchett, Terry   Monstrous Regiment

Pratchett, Terry The Fifth Elephant

see also  Terry Pratchett RIP

Preston, John A Very English Scandal

Price, Angharad  The Life of Rebecca Jones

Price, Evadne  Jane the Fourth

Priest, Christopher  The Prestige

Priestley, JB  Angel Pavement Angel Pavement 2

Pronzini, Bill & Willcox, Collin Two Spot

Proust, Marcel  Swann’s Way

Pryce, Malcolm   Aberystwyth Mon Amour
Pryor, Mark  The Bookseller

Pullein-Thompson, Josephine Gin and Murder

Pullein-Thompson, Josephine  Murder Strikes Pink

Punshon, ER  The Bath Mysteries

Punshon, ER  Six Were Present

Pushkin, Alexander  Queen of Spades

Pushkin, Alexander  Eugene Onegin Eugene Onegin 2

Pryor, Mark  The Bookseller

Pryor, Mark The Button Man

Pym, Barbara  Excellent Women

Queen, Ellery  A Fine and Private Place

Queen, Ellery Cop Out (Tuesday Night 1)

Queen,  Ellery Lamp of God and The Scarlet 

Letters (Tuesday Night 2) 

Queen, Ellery New Adventures of Ellery Queen (Tuesday Night 3) 

Queen, Ellery  The Last Woman in His Life (Tuesday Night 4) 

Queen, Ellery Face to Face

Queen, Ellery The Dauphin's Doll 

Quennell, Peter  The Marble Foot The Marble 

Foot 2  The Marble Foot 3

Quick, Matthew  The Silver Linings Playbook

Quinn, Anthony  Curtain Call Curtain Call 2

Quinn, Anthony  Eureka


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