Reviewing for the i: A Memoir of my Former Self by Hilary Mantel

A Memoir of my Former Self by Hilary Mantel

published 2023

Hilary Mantel died just over a year ago.  

This new book is a collection of her pieces written over the past 30 years, a companion volume to her earlier book, Mantel Pieces.

It is marvellous - full of gold and treasures.

I reviewed it for the i newspaper - you can read my review here:

A Memoir of My Former Self by Hilary Mantel, review: A magnificent book full of gold (

When Mantel died last year, I wrote a tribute to her for the i newspaper - you can find that here 

Hilary Mantel was mesmerising. Wolf Hall made us rethink how books work (

Her work has featured a lot on the blog - you can see some of the many posts here, or by clicking on the label below.

Regarding the i review: there is a limit to how many articles you can access on the site each month, but you may be able to read it in this photo:


  1. Terrific writeup, Moira! Mantel was such a gifted writer, and she had such a keen eye for... life. She is much missed, whether one preferred her novels, her short fiction, or her non-fiction. She had it all.

    1. Thanks Margot. She is one of my favourite writers, it was an honour to be able to write about her.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Moira. I read the Guardian review yesterday and immediately went out and reserved it at my library, where it's on order, bless them. Though I'm tempted to get reckless and buy it.

    I love collected essays and reviews from versatile prolific writers, covering years of past thoughts and actions. Ursula K. Leguin, Margaret Atwood....

    1. I can wholly recommend it, such a joy, hope you like it too. I am the same, I love seeing a favourite writer's views on a variety of subjects. There is always a tiny fear with a posthumous collection that someone is just throwing together a less than considered set of items, but this is so far from the case here.


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