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Watching the Detectives: How women went from sidekicks to sleuths in TV drama for the i newspaper

International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay

The worst blurbs - Louise Willder Blurb Your Enthusiasm

(Styles, Vicarage, Ackroyd, Cards, Announced, Funeral, Pigs, Zero, Mrs McGinty)

Shedunnit podcast on Dorothy Bowers

(i newspaper)

American reactions to the death of the Queen (opinion piece, i newspaper)

Fair Flower of Northumberland - traditional ballad, linked to Mary Stewart's The Ivy Tree

Nominate your favourite Female Detective - Bodies From the Library 2022

Nativity Plays

Christie Murder Methods and Summer Dresses

Detection Club Dinner - Summer 2019

Barbies 1 & Barbies 2

Easter Poems

Schoolgirl Detectives + More Schoolgirl Detectives

Irish Novels for St Patrick's Day

Twelfth Night Again

Reprint of the Year  Award

Caroline Crampton's  Shedunnit podcast + another Shedunnit podcast

Armistice Day 2018

National Poetry Day 2018

William Shakespeare's Sonnet Sunday at the Globe

Best Book for Convalescents Best for Convalescents 2 - Reader Suggestions

Best Shipboard Books

Halliwell Film Guides
Clothes Panics in Books - Clothes Panics from Readers

Bodies From The Library Conference: June 2018

Evans, Curtis - editor   Murder in the Closet (with contribution from Clothes in Books)

+ 2018 Trip to New York awards ceremony  as the book was nominated for an Edgar

Mysterious Bookshop in New York

Best Crime Books of 2014

Second Birthday Highlights Jan 2014

Best Books of 2013

Best Detective Fiction of 2013

Best of the Blog 2012

One Year Blog Anniversary, Jan 2013

Best Crime Fiction Entries of 2012

Tuesday Night Club - Tuesday Night Bloggers

RIP Bernadette at Reactions to Reading

Valentine's Day

The Big Houses of Ireland in Literature

Petrona Remembered: A Book for Maxine

How Ballerinas Keep Their Stockings Up

Ian Fleming's James Bond Books - Roundup Post: James Bond in Love

Michael Lewis and the Birth of Online Commenting

Verdict of Us All: Best Christmas Mysteries


News Roundup on the blog

History and Mystery: Inaccuracies in Crime Books

History and Mystery: 1950s books, old and new

Guardian: Halloween: Seances and Fortune Tellers (click through for Guardian books section)

Author Interview: Christine Poulson

Children in Crime: The Curious Case of the Missing Children

   -- re-blogged here

Crime in Costume: Masks and Masquerade/Fancy Dress Parties

Crime in Costume: Harlequins and Columbines

Crime in Costume: Holmes Fancy Dress Party

Verdict of Us All:  A Book to Get Rid Of

Verdict of Us All:  Just one More Book...

Verdict of Us All: Who Wrote only one good Book?

Edwards, Martin The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books

Christie Firsts: Best Introductory Books

Joint list with Christine Poulson: Books set in Universities

Cross-Blog Reviewing: Duranti, Francesca Happy Ending

Independent Booksellers' Week 2016: The Questions

Oxford vs Cambridge in Crime Mysteries (Tuesday Night)

Post on holidays  and trips in Agatha Christie books (Tuesday Night Meme)

Guesting over at Prashant's Three C's blog

Toxic Marriages in Crime Fiction

Lane, Carla  TV Writer and Landlady

Crime stories set in schools (Tuesday Night Academia meme)

Guest Blog: Hunting for Heroines on  Sara O'Leary's  This is Sadie

Crime and Travel: The Right Clothes (Tuesday Night Travel meme)

 Fashion and Fiction at the V&A  - Dunant, Sarah 

Cross-Blog Reviewing with Christine Poulson: 
  Tony & Susan by Austin Wright

World Book Day: Literacy, learning to read, and dolls

Leap Year Special: Women Making Their Moves (click through for Guardian books section

List for National Library Day

Blog Fourth Anniversary Post 

Best Crime Books of 2015

Best Non-Crime Books of 2015

Cross-Blog Reviewing with Christine Poulson: The Tortoise and the Hare by Elizabeth Jenkins

2015: A Reading Acrostic - the books, the year, the names, the letters

Xmas 2015: A collection of seasonal pictures for books blogposts

Agatha Christie  A List of Highs and Lows (Tuesday night 1)

Christie, Agatha A List of Christie Tropes (Tuesday night 3)

Christie, Agatha Clothes in Christie (Tuesday night 4)

Queen, Ellery Cop Out (Tuesday Night 1)

Queen,  Ellery Lamp of God and The Scarlet 

Letters (Tuesday Night 2) 

Queen, Ellery New Adventures of Ellery Queen (Tuesday Night 3) 

Queen, Ellery  The Last Woman in His Life (Tuesday Night 4) 

Marsh, Ngaio  Artists in Crime (Tuesday Night Club 1)

Book Titles from Hamlet (click through for Guardian books section)

     + Theories on Hamlet

Blog Tour for Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman

Thursday Lists: click here to see them all

            More About the Mitfords

             Books with Theatrical Settings

      Jane Duncan: Overview and List

           News and Follow-Ups on the Blog

         The Best Crime Fiction Endings

          Books set in Cathedrals and Churches

          Books about the WW2 Homefront

      Hanging Out the Washing

+ see also this entry on hanging out the washing 


           April Fools: Imaginary Books and Literary Hoaxes

            Young Women Called Linnet, and One Old One

            Wolves in Books and Book Titles

            Top 10 Moments from Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies

      Books set in Schools

      Books about the Tudors 

           Three Year Blog Anniversary Jan 2015

           Emptying the bookcase: a project

          Best books of 2014

          Best Crime Books of 2014

          Christmas Books: Reader Recommendations

          Christmas Books

          Best Older Women Detectives

          Books that make me laugh

          Young Women Detectives

          Older Women Winning Through: Books like Miss Pettigrew
Scarey Stories for Halloween
The Best Book-to-TV adaptations
The Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations
The Mitford Sisters               

Poison Pen Books  

Books like I Capture the Castle  

Best books, Best Crime Books

Jackson, Kate  Vintage Mystery Subscription Box

The story of Harem Trousers

Seen From a Train Window (click through for Guardian books pages

Misleading Book Titles (click through for Guardian books pages)

Baddies in Literature: Sylvia Tietjens in Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford (click through for Guardian books pages)

Twelfth Night in Literature (click through for Guardian books blog

Families in Literature: Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh  (click through for Guardian books blog)

Women Fashion Power: Exhibition at the Design Museum

Bringing Up The Bodies: Coffin Opening in Literature  (click through for Guardian books blog)

Stockings & Nylons in Literature (click through for Guardian books blog)

Poison Pen Week on the Blog: click here to find entries, and here to see an overview post.

Inspiring Blog Award

Agatha Christie: List of Top Five Favourite Books + Follow Up Post

May Bank Holiday - Garden Hats in Wilkie Collins

The Black Cap and the Death Penalty

Påskekrim – Norway’s crime weekend

First Name Challenge

Sue Townsend and Adrian Mole

Smog Special: Air Pollution is Nothing New

April Fools Day - 2012, 2013, 2014

Mother's Day - 2012, 2013, 2014

How to be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis

Covers of books - what were they thinking of?

Detective Stories

Dress Down Sunday - best Sunday undies


Children's Books

Clothes Panics

Weddings & wedding dresses

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2013  - 700th entry

Books of 1952


Booker shortlist of 1969 (& the book that should have won)

Literary Sex Scenes (for Guardian books blog)

Women in Trousers (for Guardian books blog)

The Opposite of Anachronism (for Guardian books blog)

Women Sharing Flats (for Guardian books blog)

Food and Recipes in books (for Guardian books blog)

Undressed for Success - Lingerie in Literature (for Guardian books blog)

Comfort Reads - Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford (for Guardian books blog)

Diaries in Literature (for Guardian books blog)

How TV might change Literature (for Guardian books blog)

Nuns in Books (for Guardian books blog)

Literary Pet Peeves (for Guardian books blog)

Sad scenes in literature (click through for Guardian books blog)

Bad Mothers in Fiction (click through for Guardian books blog)

Shoes in literature (click through for Guardian books blog)

Conscientious Objectors (click through for Guardian books blog)

Wedding dresses in books (click through for Guardian books blog)

OxCrimes Anthology 2014 Part 1  Part 2

Complaints about characters' names (click through for Guardian books blog)