Reviewing for the i: Richard Coles Death in the Parish


Death in the Parish by Richard Coles

published by 2023

I reviewed the first crime book by Richard Coles last year (Murder Before Evensong) and this is the second in the series featuring sleuth/cleric Canon Clement, A Death in the Parish.

You can read the new review here:

A Death in the Parish by The Rev Richard Coles, review: Enjoyably scathing – but nothing much happens (


(there is a limit to how many articles you can access on the site, but you may be able to read it in this not-very-good photo)

There is a blogpost on the previous i review  here:

Review: Murder Before Evensong by Richard Coles (

There are many many books featuring religious settings on the blog: most recently we had The Bell of Death by Anthony Gilbert – which helpfully has an overview of the sub-genre of Bodies in Churches.

The Bell of Death by Anthony Gilbert (




  1. An excellent review, Moira. And you make a clear and well-taken point about deciding what sort of book one's going to do (a crime novel, a slice-of-life novel, a satirical novel, etc..). A novel doesn't have to (and I don't think, can) be all things to all people. Solid premise, though...

    1. Yes indeed, and I wish the author well. I just think of all the crime writers who don't get the attention they deserve...

  2. I was able to read your review at the i. I probably would not have been interested in this book anyway, although I have broadened my reading horizons lately, but if I had been your review would have talked me out of it. Although it also made me curious.

    1. I am sure many people will enjoy it, but I hope they won't think it's a proper crime story!


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