Reviewing for the i: Katherine Heiny’s Games and Rituals

 Games and Rituals by Katherine Heiny

published 2023 


Katherine Heiny is a writer I revere: Standard Deviation, here on the blog, was one of my favourite books of the past ten years, and I have also featured her very good followup, Early Morning Riser.

So I was delighted to be asked to review her new collection of short stories for the i newspaper. Everyone would really like a sequel to Standard Deviation,  more of Graham and Audra, but these stories are a joy and will keep readers happy – from the woman who goes to work in a bridesmaid’s dress to the teenager who ‘powers down for the evening’, from the driving test centre to the women who work at the Samaritans. She is an excellent writer, and her heroines - foolishly over-generous in sexual  matters, and oversharing the whole time - are wonderful. 

You can read the review here:

Games and Rituals by Katherine Heiny, review: Razor-sharp stories about love and life (

(there is a limit to how many articles you can access on the site, but you may be able to read it in this not-very-good photo)



  1. Lovely review, Moira! I think the best, most memorable sorts of characters are those we've met in real life and see depicted in a story, if that makes sense. And I love it when an author can capture real people's personalities, foibles, strengths, and so on like that. I can see why you liked this collection so well.

    1. Yes indeed - and I particularly like seeing something that I recognize from real life, but feel I haven't seen described in fiction before. And Heiny is an expert at that.


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