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Mysterious Affairs at Styleses

When JJ over at The Invisible Event blog invited me to talk about Agatha Christie and styles, I naturally assumed that he had, finally, truly realized the importance of clothes in Christie, and wanted to hear my thoughts on women in trousers and pink evening gowns. She is the most-featured author on my blog, by a long way -  you can see the evidence of my obsession in this list

Well it turned out he wanted to talk about The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Christie's first book, which was published 100 years ago this year. And luckily my obsession is really with Christie, rather than just the clothes, so this was equally acceptable to me. (I have, of course, done a post on the book in the past.)

So JJ, and Brad Friedman of the Ah Sweet Mystery blog, and I sat down to discuss the book over Zoom, and had the best time. My contention is that you never want to hear that, that I am always suspicious of entertainments where the participants had 'the best fun'. That's not what you're there for, I want to say in my judge-y way. By those standards, this podcast should be terrible, we had such a good time. But it's not, in all modesty. It's great.

And it is FULL of spoilers for this book, so only listen if you've read it.  We nobly resisted spoilering other books. No, not quite true, we spoilered away, and JJ nobly edited them out. (We are going to have to do a spoiler edition of at least one other book, so that Brad can make a particularly excellent comment - it  broke our hearts to know it had to be left out.)

So, enjoy - and thanks to JJ for all the hard work, and both Brad and JJ for being such great people to talk to about the sainted Agatha. We have to do it again... 


  1. What a fabulous idea, Moira! You three are experts at Christie, and I couldn't image three people better qualified to talk about her and about that novel. Congratulations to all!

  2. Can you remind me of my "brilliant" comment, Moira? All I remember is that we were talking a mile a minute about a few books and I was having THE TIME OF MY LIFE . . . and then JJ said, "You know we can't use any of this, right?" and my heart sank. Whatever! It was a fabulous time, and I sincerely hope that trio known as "Partners in Crime" will become a regular featured podcast.

    1. Oh, anything of yours that sounded even moderately plausible I cut out, Brad...

  3. How lovely! I've been reading a couple of Christie's Miss Marple novels, and they've reminded me just how good she was at incorporating little details. Not just the crimes, but the clothes and jewellery too. Fabrics, hats and jewellery - they all help the reader to build an image of a particular character.

  4. I have listened to about a third of the podcast and will come back for more. I have difficulty listening to podcasts but will persevere because it is interesting & entertaining. And the night after I listened to the first part of the podcast, we watched the Suchet version of The Mysterious Affair as Styles. Coincidentally, we had just finished the first two seasons of Poirot and that one was the first up in the third season.


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