Tuesday Night Club: Ngaio Marsh links week 4

The Tuesday Night Bloggers are a loose grouping of crime fiction fans who are choosing an author each month to write about - December’s author is Ngaio Marsh

This month, I have volunteered to collect links to the posts on my blog each week – so please tell me if you are taking part. I should add that all are welcome – there are no entry criteria and there is no commitment. If you just want to write one post about one book you will be as welcome as someone writing every week for a year – just join in and send us (me) the link.

Here are this week's links as they come in: 

Clothes in Books (ie me) got in early with Tied up in Tinsel

Kate Jackson wrote about Murder the Marsh Way

Noah Stewart posted Part 3 of his Book Scouting Ngaio Marsh

Helen Szamuely has a post on Ngaio Marsh and the Naming of Names

Week three is here

Week two list is in this entry

Week one links are here


  1. Thanks, Moira, for putting these links together. It's a great reminder that I really ought to reread some of Marsh's work.

    1. She does bear re-reading doesn't she? And you are responsible for my reading Tied up in Tinsel...

  2. All of the posts for this week are interesting. Even though I have all of them, I am not in a hurry to read them any time soon. Although I have picked up on some favorites of various bloggers that I can skip ahead to... although I hate to do that.

    1. It's turned out to be a good topic. I think I have enjoyed reading Marsh because I HAVEN'T stuck to the chronology - I decided not to, and picking one that sounded good over one that looked like a duty was great, for once!


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