Beckoning Lady by Margery Allingham: Challenge results

published 1955

A couple of weeks ago we featured this book, and a key clothes description, saying that we were looking for exactly the right picture but hadn’t quite found it. 

Click here to read the entry, and see the original picture. 

We heard from our friends at the Margery Allingham Society, who say MA was a bit harsh with Prune, the lady in the cream dress... you'd need to read the books to follow up on that.

And other readers sent us some great pictures: 

This is from Vogue 1951, featured on the splendid Dovima is Devine Flickr stream, and was suggested by BNS.

Recognizably Audrey Hepburn, from PerryPhotography.

The difficulty with 1950s fashion shots is to get the expression of rapture describe in the book - this is completely out of time, but Emma Stone looks both beautiful and happy in a gorgeous cream dress. BNS again.

Lovely picture from the Clover Vintage site, picked out by Fashionista.

--- and here's Angelina Jolie in a cream dress and the detail of a jade necklace....

Thanks to everyone for great suggestions.


  1. Moira - What fun! And yes, some great suggestions.


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