The blog is one year old today

Clothes in Books is one year old today. When it started, it seemed as though the words would be the stars (the book excerpts, not my words) but really that probably isn't so. This is just the subset of pictures of yellow dresses:

Noel Streatfeild   Theatre Shoes

But there were great lines from some notable authors looking at women’s relations with clothes and money (and maybe men too)– and great pictures too:

Jane Austen Northanger AbbeyDorothy L Sayers  Have his Carcase
Virginia Woolf   Orlando

Stella Gibbons   Having it All

And there were some pictures that just made you want to stare and stare:

women fishing. Josephine Tey and the Singing Sands

Rona Jaffe  The Best of Everything

French girls in best dresses. Agatha Christie
Aquamarine Carol Anshaw

Stephen McCauley  Appearance like a composed salad

Clicking on the pictures should take you to the original entry.


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  2. Moira - Happy Blog Birthday and may you have many more. I do just love the 'photos you use and you've reminded me of some terrific ones.

  3. Happy birthday Moria. It has be great to get to know your blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday. I love your theme

  5. Happy Birthday Moira. And many more, I hope.


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