The importance of clothes at Christmas

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Christmas and New Year


Last week and next week we are doing special Christmas-themed entries – including an office party, a Xmas house party (and murder), festivities in hospital, a Christmas panto, and that memorable scene  of wholly unsuitable presents from the beginning of Pursuit of Love: ‘my wicked parents turned up trumps.’

Christmas has featured in other entries already. There’s a party in
this entry by a guest blogger, from the aptly-named A Week in December, and oh look, here’s one of the guests:


Gladys Mitchell’s Mrs Bradley goes to the Christmas dance at a teacher training college, and has her wardrobe severely 
criticized, while Meg and Jo are invited to a New Year’s Eve party in Little Women, and are panicking about gloves.

Adrian Mole goes to a
fancy dress party for New Year’s Eve 2002, and is horrified by his partner’s choice of costume:


And there is a hilarious scene of cocktail waitresses having a disastrous New Year’s Eve from the book
How to be Lost – ‘why is that stripper crying?’ indeed.

Gifts of clothes can go either way: Charlie in The Perks of being a Wallflower participates in a Secret Santa, with mixed results, and dresses unsuitably for High School.

Meanwhile Anne Shirley – Anne of Green Gables – gets the dress she has always dreamed of from Matthew, in a scene to make a stone cry.


The main picture at the top is from
George Eastman House. Follow the links to the entries to find the other credits.


  1. Thanks, Moira, for these reminders of some memorable holiday scenes. I have to say, that partygoer from A Week in December has a great dress for the festivities. And that fancy dress costume? Too much! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


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