Podcast, Spoilers, Christie and us - No 6, After the Funeral


When this podcast was unleashed earlier this year, I was on a blog hiatus, so although I talked about it on social media, I didn’t actually post her on the blog on it. As there is a new one coming soon (Yes! Five Little Pigs) I thought I ought to tidy things up by reminding you of this one.


These are Spoiler Warning podcasts, where JJ of Invisible Event (our glorious leader),  Brad from Ah Sweet Mystery, and me, examine an Agatha Christie book in enormous detail, and with no regard to spoilers.

This time it is After the Funeral, known as Funerals are Fatal in the USA, an excellent book.


The SPOILER WARNING is taken very seriously - do NOT listen to this until you have read the book. But when you have: rush over to Invisible Event

and you will find the podcast in this post

…and watch out for the new one, coming soon. I will probably manage to record its arrival here on the blog a bit sooner next time.

Surprisingly, I have not blogged on After the Funeral in its own right. However you can find posts on many, many other Christie books here on the blog – there’s an ‘Agatha Christie’ tab at the top of the page, or you can click here for the full list.

Who is this at the funeral?