Nativity Scene - Happy Xmas

the book:

End of Term by Antonia Forest

published 1959  chapter 9


[a performance of the school Nativity play in a Cathedral in the south of England]

The Cherubs came from the north aisle carrying straw and manger, and climbed the steps to furnish the stable in a grave careful ritual which entailed much handing one from another and respectful bowings as they did so… the Cherubs knelt in groups of three about the stable, Mary and Joseph began their slow walk down the centre aisle.

Mary and Joseph crossed the stage to the stable. Two Cherubs sprang up to open the doors, and, when they had passed through, closed them again and stood stiffly before them as sentries.

The lights came up on the stable again, and there were Mary and Joseph, and the Shepherds climbing the steps towards them.

Two Cherubs, carrying the Star, rose, climbed to the topmost step, attached the Star to the hook on the end of the thin black thread which hung directly above the stable, and scrambled down again to their places, looking distinctly relieved. They hadn’t dropped it, and sucks to all their friends…

A Happy Christmas to all readers of the blog.

picture is a sand sculpture made in Australia by John Suchomlin sometime before 1940. More about the book later in the week.


  1. And Happy Christmas to you too Moira. Lovely entry for Christmas day!

  2. Happy Christmas, Moira! All the best to you and those you love.


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